We have a passion for capturing all the perfect little moments on a wedding day, that you will relive forever through your wedding pictures. We're not about awkward posing, we want real moments and to capture you, your partner, your family and your friends, as natural as it gets.
We want you to look and feel like yourself in your photos... and, most importantly, have the best day ever at your wedding!


Bayleigh Vedelago has nailed the art of simple, toned-down wedding photography, still culminating in a luxe finished product. Anna Heinrich and Sydney PR maven Montarna Pitt are just a handful of the high-profile names whose weddings Vedelago has lensed (and stunningly, at that).


Our photography style is joyful, colourful and vibrant; capturing all of the candid moments and authentic emotions from your day as it naturally unfolds. We love working with our couples, scouting dreamy photo backdrops, and most of all – going above and beyond to ensure all of your important moments and details are documented, allowing you to relive your special day for a lifetime.


Cassandra Ladru is a photographic artist fluent in the language of story telling. Creating beautiful imagery for over 8 years, for both couples and creatives in Australia and across the globe. Cassandra is best known for her honest and timeless photography style. With a unique talent for encompassing raw emotion in a frame and hypnotised by the romance of two souls in love, she captures moments unseen, effortlessly. Seamless in her execution, she leads with a sophistication of composition, stripping back the layers and capturing the real and the unfiltered. With each moment in time mesmerising to relive, Cassandra’s expertise is in the details. Creating a visual story weaved from the truly intimate and celebratory moments. The outcome is incomparable, painting a picture so vivid for a couple to forever hold.


Photography has always had a special place in my heart. Since high school days spent in the darkroom developing negatives, I’ve been fascinated by the power of photos to tell a story. How an image can transport you back to a place, a moment, a feeling or a thought. Photography became a way to express myself and communicate through images, and along the way I fell in love with photographing people and the connection we have to each other. When I photographed my first wedding I knew I had found my dream job.


We love weddings! Capturing all the traditional, emotional moments, then all the wild fun that comes with the day too. Our small team works hard and make it our goal to create a film or photo collection that is the best representation of your wedding and life! Burleigh based but able to travel anywhere around the globe!


We are allumé. A specific & carefully curated team selected by joseph willis and jason from lucas & co. During our experiences over the years we have had the privilege to tell peoples stories through motion and stills all across the globe. whilst joey and l&c have been expanding into fresh creative pursuits, they have recognised that they will always have a passion to tell your stories and would like to continue offering wedding services to the standards they have been building for the past seven years. In light of this, we have gathered a team of great humans, who we trust with our heart, to help carry out the vision we have when it comes capturing your day. we are all consistent and share the same creative vibe. and we’re all so grateful that we get to do what we love. Allumé is all about capturing feel good moments, nothing cheesy about it.


With a keen eye for fleeting moments and stylish detail, Megan’s artistic approach to capturing weddings blends documentary and editorial photography. Her poetic, emotion-filled frames capture the love stories of modern day romantics in a signature style that is timeless and reminiscent of the emotions felt on their wedding days. Since stepping into photography full time three years ago, her work has received international praise and been featured on the pages of luxury bridal publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The Lane.


Since 2012, I have been ridiculously fortunate to have photographed over 300 weddings for some of the most amazing, hilarious, hospitable and loved up couples all over Australia.
It’s the biggest honor for me to document your wedding story for you in the most natural, fun and beautiful way possible.


Hello!!! I am a fun bomb. With me, you will let your guard down. You will smile a whole-of-face smile. You will laugh from somewhere that’s true. You will set yourself free to come play with me. And when I’m done, you will be holding images of who you really are. I capture real moments because I’m a real person who inspires authenticity and joy. Important: I’m fun. More than a standard snapper, my special brand of cheeky cheerleader encouragement will put you right at ease so you can be your freest self. I provoke expression without limits, born of unguarded creativity and emotion. My work spans a variety of commercial and artistic projects – travel, lifestyle, fashion – but my great love is, well, love. I take-on around 30 weddings a year, and I throw myself into these pleasure projects like a devoted bridesmaid with mad camera skills might. My crazy-busy wedding work has taken on a life of its own – like some kind of awesome, friendly but very hungry monster – because: I utterly love what I do and it shows in every photo I take.


Hi, I’m Tennille. I’m an Australian wedding photographer travelling locally and worldwide (mostly UK) to document celebrations and good times. I’m a very hands off, kind of documentary-journalistic-fine art-y with a little bit of curated candid-style-photographer. I have two cats, a dog, a small child and a lovely husband. I am a lover of the untraditional, big fan of breaking the wedding rules and you doing your wedding your way. I’m here to make sure you have a kick ass, awesome wedding day with beautiful photos to remember it by.


I’m here for the modern day romantics. I would be honoured to be invited into the intimacy of your wedding day. To capture unscripted, natural and timeless romantic photos for you to cherish. I pride myself in capturing those golden in-between moments and finer details so that in years to come you will be able to be transported back to your celebration of love through my work. More importantly, I want you to enjoy your special day without the stress of staged photography.


Bird and Boy Photography is a husband and wife team who work together with an amazing team of shooters for a sweet little business, with a sweet bunch of people and a huge list of sweet couples... and with all this sweetness, comes our passion for wedding photography and videography and the amazing opportunity to meet and work with lovely couples like yourself.