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The mere fact that two people have fallen in love is crazy, if you ask me. So to get married, that’s an occasion worth celebrating. Weddings should be the most fun ever. Josh Withers is a really fun celebrant. So if you’re a fun person that likes doing fun things it’d be really crazy if we didn’t catch up, right?!


All couples are different, there isn't one ceremony template that is going to suit everyone. By getting to know both you and your partner, I take pride in tailoring ceremonies to your needs and requirements - no matter how big or small. I’m friendly and welcoming, and I LOVE stories, so I'm interested in hearing about your life as a couple, the reasons why you love each other, and I'll help you bring your love story to life in your ceremony. I will prepare and deliver a special and unique ceremony that not only both of you will love, but that all your guests will remember forever.


I am a dad, husband, surfer, lover of the outdoors, sport and live music. Over the past 20 years, I have been a lifeguard, school teacher, traveler, pizza chef, and sales rep. I have a silly memory for ridiculous stuff, and I love learning new things about people and the world. If I am not at a wedding or playing music, I’ll probably be checking the surf, footy scores and seeing what my beloved dragons are up to. I have been in the wedding industry for about a decade now and I love the connectedness, unity, emotion, laughter, and tears that weddings bring out in people. From the first email to the last photo, I love the process and building of a fairytale ceremony and turning it into a reality. I get my energy, enthusiasm and drive from meeting new people, learning about them, hearing their story and finding out what makes them want to commit to each other FOREVER. I have an uncanny knack of being calm and calculated through stressful times (a trait I inherited from my mother) –but I can’t handle not knowing the details of something or sleeping in past 7am... ok, enough about me, tell me more about you…


I love being a celebrant. I feel blessed and truly privileged each time I am invited to celebrate the marriage of two people. During our journey together I will discover the love story between you and your partner, but first I’d like to share a little about myself. I live in the hinterland of Byron Bay on a farm with my wonderful husband and 2 unique and delightful daughters. We are surrounded by stunning beaches and the natural beauty of Byron Bay where we live a healthy lifestyle, connected to our community. My background in marketing and creative design honed my talent in crafting stories. Creative writing was a critical role in my job, requiring detailed understanding of the client, their needs and wishes. Capturing each unique story in the written word was what I loved best. After marrying my husband and having our 2 girls I was searching for something more fulfilling and rewarding to myself and to others. Being a celebrant allows me to shape a magical, bespoke ceremony for each couple drawing on my skills of engaging with people, discovering their story and communicating to others. Every time I prepare a ceremony I aim to deliver your love story with intent and delight, engaging you and your guests in a truly special moment.


I'm a romantic at heart and inspired by genuine love. I tell honest love stories and create beautiful moments that will move people. Moments that will be cherished forever. As your celebrant, I want you to feel excited about your celebration, having the freedom and connection to tell your unique story and share your love with those you love. I'm easy-going and warm-hearted and I think I have a knack of making people feel relaxed. Most of all I want you to have fun!


My name is Benjamin Carlyle and I marry people!! I truly do love my job and would love to kick start your wedding day experience in your style and vibe. I am here to help you create your ceremony without the boredom factor. I dig creating awesome and authentic wedding ceremonies and am blessed to do this as my full time gig!


Chiquita Mitchell is an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant with a focus on creating exquisite, polished ceremonies, including for high profile celebrities. Renowned for designing bespoke weddings developed from her time spent getting to know the couple and their story, combined with an innate ability to incorporate unique elements that embody the couple, Chiquita's weddings are characterised with a blend of the contemporary and traditional, the couple and their love.

Katrina Holt

For each couple I create a unique ceremony, working closely with you to uncover how you envisage your day and discovering all of the details that make your love story so special. I aim to weave together your story into a crafted ceremony that is completely authentic, one that engages and really connects with your family & guests and has all the feels - fun, laughter, touching moments and a few happy tears.


When I got married, I had no idea how a ceremony was created or what I had to do. The whole idea of getting married was so overwhelming to me, and then finding a celebrant to be a part of it all was even more of a challenge. To be able to find a celebrant that I could talk comfortably and get along with was a huge thing for my wife and I, and it took along time to find one. This was a huge reason in why I decided to become a Marriage Celebrant. I want couples to feel comfortable and at ease with me as their celebrant. Weddings are stressful enough without having a celebrant making you do things that make no all!! Many guests at my wedding said that our ceremony was “very us”…and to me that is the best compliment you can be given. A wedding should be all about the couple getting married and making a ceremony that suits them and their personalities. That is why I try to customise a wedding for each and every couple.


What I knew about weddings before I was a celebrant you could write on the back of a napkin. I was at that age when all my friends were getting married and started to attend some beautiful weddings at all different locations. From beaches to the hinterland and overseas all the while, there was a constant all of my friends were using celebrants compared to religious ministers. I thought what a fantastic job, to be apart of something that’s the beginning of life as one to be able to help guide and tell a couples story. After being married myself I found it to a be the best day of my life not just for me but all my friends and family I knew then that I wanted to be involved in weddings. Where else can you go to work everyday knowing that your going to be involved in changing peoples lives. One of the best parts of this new gig for me is helping the groom through the nerves when he’s waiting on his bride. I’m a out going guy, but on my wedding day I was shitting myself. I have no idea why, but I have found it to be a constant with most grooms. When I am there with them I like to crack a few jokes, calm the nerves so he can relax a little and enjoy the moment.