With Kiera’s help I knew everything would be ok

Gina and Nicholas

During the planning of our DIY wedding at Ewingsdale Hall we realised we had one big problem, no one to organise anything on the day while we were off getting ready! This was when we found Kiera from Creative Weddings, we had an ‘On The Day’ planning package which saved our wedding in the end. Kiera helped get everything together throughout the planning process, recommending vendors, making a run sheet and reminding me of the things I may have forgotten otherwise which was a massive help in the stressful last few months. On the morning of our garden wedding, I woke up, looked out the window and my heart sank – RAIN! I cried and cried, all this planning and it was going to be ruined. I was frantically calling around, trying to make a plan, trying to figure out what we would do – I was in panic mode! That was until Kiera arrived at the house. Her calming, reassuring presence made all the difference. She took control of the situation, told me not to worry about a thing and that she would sort it all out, we would have a beautiful wedding. With Kiera’s help I knew everything would be ok, I calmed down and got to enjoy the rest of the morning without any stress. In the end, it was more than ok, it was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful (swiftly moved under the reception marquee), the day ran without a hitch thanks to Kiera who was like a ninja – always organising people and things, making sure everything was perfect throughout the day and night. She was the first to arrive and the last to leave and we really couldn’t have done the day without her! Kiera, you really did save the day, we had no idea how much hard work you would do until we saw you in action on the night – thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Much love, Nick and Gina Jourdan