Tarryn and Mitchell

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Kiera jumped on board just 3 months before our wedding and had the difficult task of managing our wedding after a change in planner, vendors and venue! We had a bumpy road for our wedding process and Kiera took it in her stride and helped us to create the wedding we desired. We are detail-oriented people, and had lots of small things that we wanted included in our day – we were lucky to have Kiera to bring them all the life! Kiera was easy to work with and very professional and did her very best to make sure that our wedding was as smooth as possible. Kiera went the extra distance, even hiring an additional on-the-day co-ordinator for us, so that our day was as beautiful as it could be. We couldn’t list all of the tasks that Kiera did!!! She was amazing. We trusted Kiera with our very precious, and important wedding day, and we would highly recommend her to anyone.