Kiera’s styling eye and coordination is impeccable and she went above and beyond any expectation I had.

Arielle and Scott

unspecified20We were married on March 12th, 2016 in Byron Bay and our experience could not have been better. We found Kiera (Creative Weddings) online and immediately loved the style of her website. We live in California, US but my husband is from Australia so we decided to go back to Oz to get married. Communication is always tough when you can’t just call or text but Kiera made every step of the way a piece of cake. From late nights to early mornings and arranging Skype sessions around a crazy time difference, Kiera was classy and professional as well as very accommodating. Sometimes I would send novel long emails – and I would always get the answers I needed as well as a positive attitude from Kiera. As the day approached, I felt so calm and confident. We met Kiera at our location the day before the wedding. Her presence was so tranquil and helpful. We immediately got to work on solidifying all of our designs and plans. The day of our wedding was oddly serene. Kiera arrived in the morning and immediately began striking up the decor. We had a very ‘out of the box’ style wedding so everything from our ambiance, decorations, food set-up and floral arrangements were different in the sense of requiring a lot more detail in some aspects and a lot less detail in others. Kiera went with the flow every step of the way and helped us create the dream we had been envisioning for so long. Kiera’s styling eye and coordination is impeccable and she went above and beyond any expectation I had. We had rented a large farm house in Nashua where we spent the weekend with wedding friends and family guests but this would also be our reception area. Our ceremony was at Byron Bay at the lighthouse. Kiera came first thing in the morning to the Nashua house, left to set up the ceremony in the afternoon and was back at the house slaving away in the kitchen prepping food and finishing decorating before we even returned. She professionally worked around playing children, pool water being tracked everywhere, MANY female onions and was highly spoken about from all of them. I felt like I could communicate clearly with her and that everything I said was always heard. She helped me feel calm and worry-free. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and how flexible she was about our very strange and off-the-beaten-path style. I would recommend her to anyone getting married in the areas she serves as she was the best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kiera.