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We both felt so relaxed on the wedding day knowing Kiera had everything under control Testimonials December 5, 2016 It was surreal how calm we were, we got to spend all of our time with friends and family with zero stress Testimonials October 24, 2016 Kiera helped us to create an amazing wedding and took all the stress out of the situation Testimonials October 14, 2016 You are truly incredible at what you do and we most certainly couldn’t have done it without your help Testimonials May 11, 2016 We were so grateful to have Kiera as our wedding planner Testimonials May 10, 2016 Our wedding day was seamless and my guests explained the day to us as effortless Testimonials April 18, 2016 Kiera’s styling eye and coordination is impeccable and she went above and beyond any expectation I had. Testimonials April 12, 2016 Our recommendation could not come with a higher seal of approval Testimonials April 1, 2016 With Kiera’s help I knew everything would be ok Testimonials February 22, 2016 Trusting you was the best decision we did! Testimonials January 8, 2016 I had been planning my wedding well before I was engaged and you made that vision come to life Testimonials December 16, 2015 I can honestly say, hand on heart that our day couldn’t have happened without you Testimonials December 7, 2015 You were absolutely phenomenal Testimonials November 24, 2015 I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun and I can’t recommend you highly enough Testimonials October 19, 2015 Kiera was the most outstanding and professional planner I came across Testimonials October 14, 2015 Without her our day would not have been as fantastic or magical as it was. Testimonials October 13, 2015 THANKYOU Kiera for making our day absolutely perfect! Testimonials August 19, 2015 I suddenly realised how much effort actually went in to setting this all up last minute – something I would not have been able to do without Kiera! Testimonials July 5, 2015 Kiera from Creative Weddings is just an absolute powerhouse when it comes to planning and getting things done. Testimonials June 24, 2015 You worked so gracefully to help us create a day that flowed effortlessly and felt just like us. Testimonials June 16, 2015