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Kiera, there is no way we will ever be able to truly thank you for the amazing experience you provided Testimonials November 27, 2018 We would hire you 1000 times over and recommend you to anyone Testimonials November 22, 2018 You honestly just breathed fresh air into my life from the first day that we spoke. Testimonials October 30, 2018 If you’re looking for a boss-lady who will make sure that the most important day of your life goes without a glitch – she’s your girl! Testimonials October 30, 2018 You made wedding planning one of the best memories and experiences of our lives. Testimonials August 19, 2018 Kiera was perfection from the first phone call we had Testimonials August 4, 2018 We can’t thank you enough for making our dream wedding day a reality, without any nervous breakdowns! Testimonials June 21, 2018 You were so professional and amazing and really helped make everything run like clockwork Testimonials May 17, 2018 I can honestly say that from our first phone call I knew we were in the best hands possible Testimonials April 17, 2018 It was absolutely perfect and I truly believe it would not have been the same without you. Testimonials February 9, 2018 Kiera coordinated our day like an absolute boss! Testimonials February 9, 2018 I’d happily recommend you to anyone that needed your services without hesitation. Testimonials February 9, 2018 From the first time we met you your warm and caring nature helped Dan and I to feel very confident and comfortable to work with you. Testimonials February 9, 2018 We felt Kiera went above and beyond for us and made us feel happy and comfortable at all times. Testimonials February 9, 2018 Kiera you were amazing! Testimonials February 9, 2018 You are a maker of magic!! Testimonials April 12, 2017 You are a dream maker! Testimonials April 12, 2017 Our day was perfect from start to finish. Testimonials February 22, 2017 We are detail-oriented people too, and had lots of small things that we wanted included in our day – we were lucky to have Kiera to bring them all the life! Testimonials February 6, 2017 We found that you remained extremely calm on such a fast paced and emotion filled day Testimonials December 5, 2016