A little about me

I believe that the whole experience of planning a wedding is an incredibly special and important time, and because of that I pour my heart and soul into creating a stress free and enjoyable experience for each of my couples. This job is my passion and I feel so lucky to be in such an amazing industry working alongside other passionate suppliers.

Before becoming a wedding planner, I was a qualified chef for over ten years and worked in numerous very busy establishments where I catered for weddings, functions and events. Having extensive knowledge and experience in this area has given me an incredible advantage in a number of areas. Not only did it teach me to remain calm in high pressured situations but to be highly organised, multi-task, deal with unexpected issues as well as understand timing, logistics, planning and gave me the chance to work with a wide range of suppliers and people from all walks of life.

From another perspective, I too have been a bride and know exactly how it feels to try to plan a wedding, balance a full time job, run a home, raise children, have a social life and do it all without losing my own sanity.

If you are wondering about whether you should employ a wedding planner, think about this. It is not that you can’t do it yourself, it is about making sure that you and your fiancé remain stress free throughout the whole experience. It is about you and your families enjoying every moment, secure in the knowledge that your wedding will be exactly how you envisaged, and it will be – This is the promise that I make to you.

I am excited to hear about your wedding vision and to be able to help bring it to life.

With love, Kiera