Jody and Jason

Jody+++Jason++051Dear Kiera, It is with very happy hearts, we say a HUGE thank you for your amazing efforts in coordinating our heavenly wedding day. Whilst, to many deciding to get married at a venue we had never seen, nor would see, in a completely different state seemed down right crazy, but to us we trusted our gut & well, we had you on our team, and you had us covered. Thank you, for helping us understand our venue, recommending wonderful suppliers and for going above and beyond with your advices, tips and invaluable insight into Koonyum Range. We wanted to create a day that was relaxed, free spirited and filled with love. We were worried having a coordinator would make it feel too structured and formal, however you worked so gracefully to help us create a day that flowed effortlessly and felt just like us. You took the time to really understand our vision for the day, and because of that we felt incredibly comfortable having you there, working your magic. Lots of love and a very big thank you, you are wonderful. Warmest Regards, Jody & Jason