Stacey and Josh

Finding the right words to describe how grateful we are to have found Kiera is challenging. We can honestly say that there would not have been a Glover Wedding without this amazing power woman working her magic and doing exactly what she does best! I found Kiera a couple months out from our wedding. The stars must have aligned because Kiera did not plan on taking anymore weddings for 2018 but luckily for us, she did! The service that Kiera provides is so much more than just wedding co-ordination. Not only did Kiera and I form beautiful friendship, but she also became my therapist & the decision maker when I was too indecisive right up until the day before the wedding. Kiera, there is no way we will ever be able to truly thank you for the amazing experience you provided. You have no idea how much light you brought into my life in the lead up to our wedding! You are more than an amazing woman. You are a beautiful soul who carries light in your smile and love in your bones! Thank you for all phone conversations, the laughs, the cries, the vents, dealing with my unorganised procrastination and most importantly, thank you for making the most important day of our lives the most memorable. For any couple planning their wedding, Kiera is a game changer and I highly recommend you stop looking anywhere else, as I can 100% on my life guarantee that you will not find a wedding planner/coordinator that could even compare to this super power goddess of a woman!!!