You are a maker of magic!!

Tegan and Tim

Kiera, We don’t even know where to begin . . What a crazy 12 months it has been since we first met. I think you have played the role of wedding planner x3, counsellor, friend, mentor and have done it all with the most amazing calm and control about yourself. You are one of a kind and are so special to both Tim and I. We can not thank you enough for not only making our dream wedding come true under the toughest conditions but making us feel totally reassured from start to finish. We can not believe how much love and support this crazy cyclone has shown us, we were blown away . . haha almost literally!! You are a maker of magic!! You bought the surf club alive with beauty beyond imaginable, as you know I started to cry when I first saw it!! You bring a new meaning to going above and beyond in any role – nothing was ever too much for you!! Anyone who has you as their wedding planner is so unbelievably lucky, we couldn’t have imagined anyone more amazing for the job. What a crazy love storm we have just blown out of, we will carry these memories with us forever. Thank you so much for your generosity and hard work making it all come together!! Love Tim and Teegs xx

You are a dream maker!

Justine and Alex

To the absolute legend of a being – Kiera. No words or bunches of flowers will truly express how grateful Alex and I are to have crossed paths and have had you a part of our wedding, you truly went over and beyond our expectations and offered way more than just a wedding planner. You have been an inspiration, friend, counsellor and overall a gorgeous soul inside and out. We couldn’t have done it without you. I know how much of a challenge it was, the hurdles we faced but you never let us down, not once. You are a dream maker! I wish we could do it all over again. Thank you a million times over, lovely. We hope to see you soon. Sending much love, Justine and Alex xxx

Becky and Corey

Dear Kiera, thank you for making our dreams a beautiful reality, our day was perfect from start to finish. Thank you for your guidance, advice, passion and patience. Our friends and family are still referring to our wedding as the “best wedding ever” which is in no small part due to you! Love always, Becky & Corey x

We are detail-oriented people too, and had lots of small things that we wanted included in our day – we were lucky to have Kiera to bring them all the life!

Tarryn and Mitchell

tarryn-mitchell-low-res(393of780) copy

Kiera jumped on board just 3 months before our wedding and had the difficult task of managing our wedding after a change in planner, vendors and venue! We had a bumpy road for our wedding process and Kiera took it in her stride and helped us to create the wedding we desired. We are detail-oriented people, and had lots of small things that we wanted included in our day – we were lucky to have Kiera to bring them all the life! Kiera was easy to work with and very professional and did her very best to make sure that our wedding was as smooth as possible. Kiera went the extra distance, even hiring an additional on-the-day co-ordinator for us, so that our day was as beautiful as it could be. We couldn’t list all of the tasks that Kiera did!!! She was amazing. We trusted Kiera with our very precious, and important wedding day, and we would highly recommend her to anyone.

They say everything happens for a reason- and working with you both I genuinely believe this saying couldn’t be more correct!

Mel and John


Dear Kiera and Kelly,

They say everything happens for a reason- and working with you both I genuinely believe this saying couldn’t be more correct! After 3 (yes 3) previous on the day coordinators cancelling our bookings due to unforeseen circumstances, Kiera and Kelly stepped in only 1 month out from our big day and literally were our saving grace. Kiera nursed the entire vendor follows ups and confirmations in the weeks leading up to our wedding, and had delivery times and pick ups down to a T so there was nothing for me to worry about the day before or after the big day. On the day of my wedding Kelly was on our the day coordinator and was there for the entire day setting up, styling, and being a helping hand well before any guests arrived. Kel really listened to the styling and set up that I wanted, and delivered this without any fuss or dramas which meant the world to me.  My bridesmaids got along so well with Kelly, she was like part of the family by the end of the night. I couldn’t thank either of you enough, you both made John and my day so special and because of you everything ran so smoothly and we will be forever grateful.

Love to you both,
Mel and Johnny xoxox

We found that you remained extremely calm on such a fast paced and emotion filled day

Andreja and Rob


Thank you so much Kiera for all your help with the preparations and execution of our wedding. You have been amazing to deal with from the very early planning advice to execution on the day. We found that you remained extremely calm on such a fast paced and emotion filled day and we could not have done it without your precision with co-coordinating all  of the suppliers, ensuring we are sticking to schedule and basically ensuring that we enjoy every single part of the day and night. Thank you again and I cannot recommend you higher.

It was surreal how calm we were, we got to spend all of our time with friends and family with zero stress

Emma and Ben


We are so thankful for finding Kiera to coordinate our wedding. During the wedding planning, our first venue was closed down! We called Kiera in complete panic and she made us feel calm, like it was a small problem and in no time she helped us find an even better wedding venue for the same budget. 

Throughout the whole planning process Kiera was always happy to discuss our idea’s, and we loved all of her suggestions too. She was always available for a chat and to go through details whenever we needed. During the lead up to the wedding, it was surreal how calm we were, we got to spend all of our time with friends and family with zero stress.

On the wedding day, Kiera arrived bright and early to make sure the bridal party and I were comfortable and that everything was running smoothly. She worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was perfect. The bridal party and family were amazed by her work ethic and professionalism throughout the whole day. 

We would highly recommend Kiera because she is a superstar wedding planner and an absolute pleasure to be around and share the best day of your life with!

Kiera helped us to create an amazing wedding and took all the stress out of the situation

Callie and Cameron


The week before our wedding, we were so calm, and all our family and friends were shocked by our serenity. We can only credit this to having an amazing coordinator on our side. Kiera helped us to create an amazing wedding and took all the stress out of the situation. There are so many details that goes into the biggest day of your life, and having Kiera through it all made us confident that nothing would be forgotten or left to chance.

You are truly incredible at what you do and we most certainly couldn’t have done it without your help

Mia and Adam

Adam+Mia'swedding_web_663 (1)Dearest Kiera! Adam and I cannot extend enough thanks to you for your amazing effort in coordinating our wedding. Thanks to you our dream of a relaxed and magical day became a reality. You are truly incredible at what you do and we most certainly couldn’t have done it without your help. Planning a wedding from afar has its challenges however thanks to your expertise, responsiveness and organisation you made the entire planning process such a breeze! It is most certainly fair to say that your hard work and commitment, both in the lead up and on the day, went above and beyond what we could have every have hoped for. As a result Adam and I were lucky enough to have what could only be described as the perfect day. Kiera you became so much more then our coordinator, to us you are a friend and from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful to have had you apart of our special day. THANK YOU! All Our Love, Mia & Adam Xo


We were so grateful to have Kiera as our wedding planner

Amanda and Michael

We were so grateful to have Kiera as our wedding planner. She really took the stress out of the whole planning process. Her ability to effectively coordinate and handle all the different suppliers whilst answering the countless questions we had during the whole process, including on the actual wedding day, was truly amazing. Highly recommended!!! Thanks Kiera!


Our wedding day was seamless and my guests explained the day to us as effortless

Allisa and Dave

12800140_1077567448930516_755217901098844277_nWhen I first started planning my wedding coming from a PR and Events background I didn’t think I needed a Wedding Planner……….Well thank goodness I took my mums advice and hired Kiera to create our amazing wedding at Rae’s at Watego’s because I could not have done it without her. Our wedding day was seamless and my guests explained the day to us as effortless….. It certainly was effortless for us and I can not thank Kiera enough for her calmness and ability to just get what needed done, nothing was an issue or too hard for Kiera. It was one of the best things we invested our wedding budget into to have our family, friends and bridal party “job free” for the day to enjoy it with us. We had a blast, thanks Kiera, I want to do it again!!!!

Kiera’s styling eye and coordination is impeccable and she went above and beyond any expectation I had.

Arielle and Scott

unspecified20We were married on March 12th, 2016 in Byron Bay and our experience could not have been better. We found Kiera (Creative Weddings) online and immediately loved the style of her website. We live in California, US but my husband is from Australia so we decided to go back to Oz to get married. Communication is always tough when you can’t just call or text but Kiera made every step of the way a piece of cake. From late nights to early mornings and arranging Skype sessions around a crazy time difference, Kiera was classy and professional as well as very accommodating. Sometimes I would send novel long emails – and I would always get the answers I needed as well as a positive attitude from Kiera. As the day approached, I felt so calm and confident. We met Kiera at our location the day before the wedding. Her presence was so tranquil and helpful. We immediately got to work on solidifying all of our designs and plans. The day of our wedding was oddly serene. Kiera arrived in the morning and immediately began striking up the decor. We had a very ‘out of the box’ style wedding so everything from our ambiance, decorations, food set-up and floral arrangements were different in the sense of requiring a lot more detail in some aspects and a lot less detail in others. Kiera went with the flow every step of the way and helped us create the dream we had been envisioning for so long. Kiera’s styling eye and coordination is impeccable and she went above and beyond any expectation I had. We had rented a large farm house in Nashua where we spent the weekend with wedding friends and family guests but this would also be our reception area. Our ceremony was at Byron Bay at the lighthouse. Kiera came first thing in the morning to the Nashua house, left to set up the ceremony in the afternoon and was back at the house slaving away in the kitchen prepping food and finishing decorating before we even returned. She professionally worked around playing children, pool water being tracked everywhere, MANY female onions and was highly spoken about from all of them. I felt like I could communicate clearly with her and that everything I said was always heard. She helped me feel calm and worry-free. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and how flexible she was about our very strange and off-the-beaten-path style. I would recommend her to anyone getting married in the areas she serves as she was the best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kiera.

Our recommendation could not come with a higher seal of approval

Camilla and Chris

12829161_1082446365109291_767405643668809519_oThank you to Kiera for planning and delivering our dream wedding. From the outset Kiera looked after us as bride and groom with the upmost respect and care. We didn’t have long to plan our wedding and Kiera rose to this challenge exceptionally. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the most divine, enjoyable, relaxed and perfect day of our life. Kiera is a joy to work with, dedicated and very organised. Our recommendation could not come with a higher seal of approval, dreams come true….. Ours definitely did.

With Kiera’s help I knew everything would be ok

Gina and Nicholas

During the planning of our DIY wedding at Ewingsdale Hall we realised we had one big problem, no one to organise anything on the day while we were off getting ready! This was when we found Kiera from Creative Weddings, we had an ‘On The Day’ planning package which saved our wedding in the end. Kiera helped get everything together throughout the planning process, recommending vendors, making a run sheet and reminding me of the things I may have forgotten otherwise which was a massive help in the stressful last few months. On the morning of our garden wedding, I woke up, looked out the window and my heart sank – RAIN! I cried and cried, all this planning and it was going to be ruined. I was frantically calling around, trying to make a plan, trying to figure out what we would do – I was in panic mode! That was until Kiera arrived at the house. Her calming, reassuring presence made all the difference. She took control of the situation, told me not to worry about a thing and that she would sort it all out, we would have a beautiful wedding. With Kiera’s help I knew everything would be ok, I calmed down and got to enjoy the rest of the morning without any stress. In the end, it was more than ok, it was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful (swiftly moved under the reception marquee), the day ran without a hitch thanks to Kiera who was like a ninja – always organising people and things, making sure everything was perfect throughout the day and night. She was the first to arrive and the last to leave and we really couldn’t have done the day without her! Kiera, you really did save the day, we had no idea how much hard work you would do until we saw you in action on the night – thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Much love, Nick and Gina Jourdan

Trusting you was the best decision we did!

Mari and Toom

12697372_1062425633778031_1315978583611156051_oHi Kiera! We were looking at different options on how to elope in Australia and when we found you, we did not have to look any further! From the first contact we had with you, we knew that we were in good hands, because you were so professional and on top of things! After we had saved our date, you organized everything smoothly and made sure that everything was exactly as we wished! We did not have any worries! Even when it rained on our wedding day and we were supposed to have a beach wedding, you re-organized the ceremony to our wonderful hotel balcony and we had a rainforest-like location instead! Thank you for choosing the most wonderful and lovely people to assist us on our wedding day (hair and make up stylists, photographer, florist and celebrant), who made us feel very special and relaxed! We really enjoyed every aspect from our wedding day and we would not change a thing! Being from overseas (Estonia), eloping in Australia seemed at first a little bit crazy, because we did not know a thing, but trusting you was the best decision we did! We highly recommend you for everybody who would like a personalized and memorable wedding that is completely stress-free! A massive thank you for taking care of everything so we could fully enjoy our wedding day! Mari and Toom Tani

I had been planning my wedding well before I was engaged and you made that vision come to life

Brooke and Luke

Brooke + Luke12

To the beautiful Kiera, I had been planning my wedding well before I was engaged and had a set vision of what I wanted and on 16 October 2015 you made that vision come to life! Luke and I cannot thank you enough for being the backbone behind our big day. We both went into the day thinking it would be stressful and fly by so quickly but it was the opposite. As cliché as it sounds we had the best day of our lives! You made everything run so smoothly and without a hitch with your calming nature and complete understanding of what we wanted. I know i wasn’t the easiest of clients sometimes with my determination to have some details perfect to a tee but you sourced everything I wanted and I thank you for your patience and understanding. Lastly, you’re an absolute legend and if I thanked you for every tiny detail you took care of, we’d be here all week so from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! xo

I can honestly say, hand on heart that our day couldn’t have happened without you

Zoe and Mathew


Hi Kiera, Matt and I would like to sincerely thank you for creating and coordinating our perfect day. From the moment we met you over Skype, we knew the lead up to the wedding and the day of would go off without hitch. You kept me calm and stress-free throughout the whole process and I can honestly say, hand on heart that our day couldn’t have happened without you. Being a destination wedding, I had my worries and doubts whether we made the right decision, but we put our full trust in you and trusted your reviews on vendors and suppliers and you couldn’t have done a better job. Anyone that knows me knows I stress about EVERYTHING and I think secretly, they were waiting for bridezilla to come out but I was so surprised at how calm I was, especially on the day. I have you to thank you for this, you never let me worry about the things that weren’t going to plan and assured me everything was under control and that it would be absolutely beautiful no matter what the weather was doing. You are such an organised, professional, friendly and genuine person who has such a passion for creating a magical day for her clients. Matt and I cannot thank you enough for being a big part of our day and allowing us to enjoy each moment without the pressure of being rushed. It was the best day of our lives. Love Matt and Zoe

You were absolutely phenomenal


Nat & Adam

Hi Kiera, Adam and I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our wedding day truly the best day of our lives. You were absolutely phenomenal in the lead up to Saturday, and on the day you were just such a calming presence, on top of every single little detail…we felt so relaxed knowing you were managing everything so efficiently and perfectly. Everyone has been commenting on how great you were and we honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Saturday was just the absolute best day…everything turned out exactly as we’d hoped and totally surpassed our expectations. Thank you again so much for being playing integral part in making that happen. You were amazing. We’re relaxing down in Yamba now, just chilling out and enjoying the sun…we still can’t stop smiling and chatting about Saturday. 🙂 Thank you again! With our warmest regards, Nat and Adam xx

I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun and I can’t recommend you highly enough

Alana and Daniel

12141749_958477114191254_3339092708846161800_n1Kiera, your guidance and assistance for this some what unconventional and ill prepared bride was absolutely amazing. You helped me create one of the most elegant evenings of my life. Planning a wedding from a far has its challenges but you made every element of the day come together seamlessly. There were no hiccups, no disasters, just an amazing, enjoyable day and that’s all thanks to you and your attention to detail. You guided me every step of the way and I am certain our wedding success is purely down to your experience and the level of care and attention to detail that you provided me with. Thank you for making our wedding so special, enjoyable and memorable and for helping Daniel and I have the wedding of our dreams. I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun and I can’t recommend you highly enough.